Week 07
--This elective class we learned how to use Garageband to create podcast, Gimp to Alter photos, and Scratch to create animation.
--Your final assignment for the last two weeks of this elective is to use all three programs (others programs allowed) to create one project that incorporates Garageband, Gimp, and Scratch. An possible example might be a music video, video game, animated story telling, or science project. Whatever it is, PLEASE USE ALL THREE PROGRAMS.
--Take time to think about what you want to create
--Grade will be based on daily progress you show to Mr. Yango and effort demonstrated.

Week 06
--Finish up your Pong Game
--Turn in today because no class Friday

--Reminder: use your creativity to modify Pong Game (i.e. use your cropped head install of a ball)
--Background picture instead of plain white
--Requirements: ball, bat, another object, and score board pdf on instructions
--Due Friday
-- Learn more about this projectExample
--See the Scripts for AI pong.sb

--Turn in iWarp assignment
--Intro to Scratch
--Create a basic Pong Game
--Add your creative touch (example 1)

--Part 2/2
--Another tutorial
--Yet another tutorial

Week 05
Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday:
--Finish Monday's Assignment (Due Thursday)
--iWarp hudson_spinach_edited-1.jpg
--Find a picture: large person iWarp to thin person, thin to fat or muscular, funny face, etc.
--Use your imagination as grades will partly be based on effort
--iWarp funny face Tutorial and easy to follow iWarp Tutorial
--Suggestion: Use the square select tool first to select which are you want to iWarp.

Monday: Sorry PC only for today :(
--Review from last week:
--Click link \ Right click \ Save As \ put on your Desktop - picture above (Allison's camera from Jog-A-Thon)
--Make background Black and White (color splash) --Find sunglasses (cool ones) on the web and superimpose on me
--Use the Healing tool to clean up my face --Whiten teeth using Saturation process
--Save xcf and when you are done save as jpg

Week 04
--Complete the assignments below. Due date for all assignment is Friday 3rd.
--Turn in MrYangoClass\AudioAlterAnimate\PhotoManipulate + Name

Gimp 2.6
--Color Splash - tutorial You may use the pictures on the AudioAltAnimate Folder.
--Change hair color - tutorial
--Superimpose (crop) - tutorial
--Healing Tool - tutorial Please use the picture of AmberGrace in AudioAltAnimate folder (please whiten teeth also)
*Tutorials are quick examples of what I am looking for.

For those having some problems with changing hair color, here's a tutorial which hopefully will answer questions you have.

Week 03
*Your completed podcasts are below. Great job!!!


Assignment: Blending pictures using Gimp 2.6
--At least 4 pictures blended
--At least one text (name). Suggestion: Include a title
--Theme: Worship

--Intro to Gimp (Photo Editing)
--Gimp Basics_1 Gimp Basics_2

Week 02

Student Podcast Projects:









Mr. Yango's Podcast on - First Time Fishing at the Delta

IMPORTANT: When concluding your podcast click on Share/Export Podcast to Disk/AAC encoder (not mp3)

Update to your Podcast project - instead of 5 different podcast, record your best podcast and turn in. I will then upload to my website. Make sure you have and introduction, 3 different kinds of music, content, conclusion, and at least two pictures not including your podcast picture. Due Thursday (11/11/10) at the beginning of class

Very quick example of what I am looking for with your project

More resources to help you improve your podcast -
1. Garageband 09 New features

Week 01 Audio/Alter/Animation
--Intro to class
--Rules on Mac usage
--Items needed for class
--Podcasting (podcast description, intro theme music, content, conclusion, and concluding music)
--Content of podcast should be what interest you. Do enough research for 5 podcast(3 minutes each). Your goal is to try to have as much listeners as possible so make it interesting.
Using Garageband '09

Example Podcasts

Resources for Audacity:
--Audio Editing

Week 08
--Complete your clone assignment
--Add slow/fast motion and reverse
Here are some tutorial:
Slow Down, Speed up, and Reverse

Add Video Effects to iMovie:

Adding Transitions between video clips
Picture in Picture Effect
Stabilize Shaky Videos
Adding titles to your movies
Adding background music to your movie

Week 07
Let's have some fun with iMoive:
Cloning Assignment
1. Choose an enviroment without anything moving.
2. Record two instances of an event
3. Clone yourself -use tutorials below as an example.

Review for Test on Tuesday Oct. 12th

Week 06
Complete your Powerpoint and Keynote Assignments
Work on your Numbers and Excel Assignments
Due Tomorrow at the end of class

Week 05

1. Complete two assignments (TWO DIFFERENT TOPICS) using Mac's iWork and Microsoft's Office
2. Suggestion is to talk with your classroom teacher about upcoming assignments that need researching, using a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software.
3. Details:
--You will be using Mac's iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) and Microsoft's Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
--Remember to always backup on your flashdrive! Suggestion: create a Mac iWork folder and Office Folder
--You will be daily interchanging one Operating System with another
--Information you typed up can be copied over. (ie. iWork Pages info to Office Word) CAREFUL HOW YOU SAVE!
--Plagiarism with result in an automatic zero.

iWork(Pages) & Office(Word)
Due Date:10/1/10
--Around 1 page each or total of around 500 words
--Font size 12
--1 inch borders
--Double Space
--Indent first paragraphs
--Title centered and Name/Subject/Date top right
--Include a picture on front page
*Please refer to tutorial videos below
iWork(Numbers) & Office(Excel)
Due Date: 10/5/10
--Create a bar graph and pie chart form information obtain from research
--Add graphs and data in one sheet
--Title and all necessary info
--Change color and font on data and graphs
--Insert at least one picture relevant to the information
iWork(Keynote) & Office(PowerPoint)
Due Date: 10/8/10
--Create a 8 slide presentation of information gathered
--No more than 3 points per slide, but most of the time you will have just an "idea" and picture
--Include an intro and conclusion slide
--Use custom animation sparingly

Intro: iWork and Office
Find out How (iwork)
Working with Word on Pages
Pages - Section
Pages - Outline Mode

Week 04
*Saving CamStudio Video clips and Combining Multiple Videos to one movie
--Tips and Tricks on a Mac and PC
--Find 5 tips and/or tricks on a Mac and 5 tips and/or tricks on a PC
--Record a tutorial and combine to one movie
--Due Monday 27th

Week 03
Continue combining videos together into one movie. The exporting of these videos may take a long time. If you are unable to complete this portion, please show Mr. Yango your progress for a grade.
(No class Monday)
Continue working on your Mac Tutorial.
Due Date has been changed to September 17th

Week 02
Finish up on the PC side of your tutorial
Thurs: Start using Screenflow on your mac to do your tutorial
Screenflow Videos:

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Week 01
Recording a Tutorial PC and Mac: (Due September 13th)
--Watch Mr. Yango's quick demo

--Use CamStudio to record a tutorial for someone not familiar with Windows Operating System
--Some of the skills I want on the tutorial are:

  • Changing your desktop
  • Change screen resolution
  • Playing with gadgets
  • Creating new folders on the desktop
  • Changing mouse speed and pointer
  • Opening different documents / applications / settings
  • Creating a shortcut on your desktop
  • Deleting a file
  • Copy/Cut/Paste a document / paragraph / website
  • Minimize / Maximize / Resize windows
  • Drag and Drop
  • Saving to your flash drive
  • Searching for a file
--Save your work on your flash drive for now

Windows Resources:
1. Desktop
2. Using windows on Windows
3. Toolbars
4. Files and Folders
5. Deleting Files
6. Many more

--Use ScreenFlow to record a tutorial for someone who may not be familiar Mac's Operating system
--Some of the skills I want you to include on the tutorial:
  • Changing your desktop
  • Change screen resolution
  • Playing with gadgets
  • Creating new folders on the desktop
  • Changing mouse speed and pointer
  • Opening different documents / applications / settings
  • Creating a shortcut on your desktop
  • Deleting a file
  • Copy/Cut/Paste a document / paragraph / website
  • Minimize / Maximize / Resize windows
  • Drag and Drop
  • Saving to your flash drive
  • Searching for a file

Mac Resources:
1.Mac Grand Tour
2. The Finder
3. The Desktop
4. The Menu Bar
5. The Dock
6. Apps/Files/Folders